by waiting around to die

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contact ryan klauk on facebook to book waiting around to die. they will play anywhere, anytime. or write waitingaroundtodiesb@gmail.com


if all the world is a stage then I am stuck in the audience watching a play that I despise. I scribble my life story onto a crisp white page, only to find I used invisible ink that will never, ever fucking dry, open to men who walk a man's path. closed to the queers, freaks and outcasts. where i'm not wanted I won't tread. they'll throw a parade when i'm dead. since birth is just a lottery...since cruelty follows discovery...then i'm locked up, mortgaged to the hilt, in an edifice I never built. before we disappeared we hibernated, now we're unseen either way and denigrated. though we may grieve we are not naïve. we're hateful for we know we're hated. it's not a haven for the underground. it's just a cesspool in a moderate town.


released October 3, 2013
ryan and kit played all instruments and cowrote the music to this track. lyrics by ryan and kit. recorded at sleepy ghosts studio, santa narbara, CA. copywrite 2013 waiting around to play music. from the upcoming album "waiting around to die live inside their heads."




waiting around to die Santa Barbara, California

waiting around to die formed in march of 2010, in santa barbara, CA. they are a duo, and have completed two albums and are working on their third. wa2d love to play live and people say their sets are entertaining. they will play any party, bar, club or other venue in any city. for booking or other concerns write ryan klauk at facebook or write the band at waitingaroundtodiesb@gmail.com. thanks. ... more

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